The College Bet

“You what?” Indira asked. She swayed her long black hair so that it framed her shocked face and rested on her shoulders. She leant forward over the table of the Juhu Axis Mall food court to look at her Tinder date, the squirming travelling weird guy and he wiped his nose with his fingers.

“I had a bet I would nail you on the first date.”

Indira squirmed in her seat and suppressed a grin, she liked the cockiness and confidence of Manjit but that didn’t mean he would win his bet. She wanted more than just to be the subject of a stupid bet and held a chip in her fingers and slid it in and out of her mouth. “Really?”

Manjit nodded and smiled at the suggestive action from Indira. She was hot like her sister, and looked every inch a dirty girl who would do anything for anyone, hence the reason Manjit made the bet. “Yeah,” Manjit replied and took a bite of his burger. Ketchup oozed out of it and rolled down the side of his hand. “There’s ten notes on it.”

Indira gave a titter and bit her lip, watching her date lick the sauce from fingers. “But…”

Indira didn’t know what to say but Manjit just shrugged. “Ah, I had a 5000 running on him, he couldn’t fuck that posh babe from Colaba and he lost that. Now he’s just getting ‘is own back.”

Indira bit her lip again and smiled at Manjit, her mind whirring with ideas. “Split it,” Indira suggested and Manjit scowled at her.

“Lol babe, I ain’t paying’ no girl for sex.”

Indira crossed her arms. She would already be in trouble if her parents found out she had been taken out by such a pervert; her father hated his community and here she was offering him the chance to win his bet, and get his end away and he was turning her down. Indira scowled at him. “So you wanna pay up then?”

“No, but I don’t wanna give you cash to fuck me. It ain’t right.”

Indira shrugged and kissed him on the cheek. “It’s up to you, pay up and have sex or pay up and ‘ave no sex.”

Manjit groaned and pulled the smug Indira back towards him across the table and his hands slipped down her top. “What do I get for my money?”

Indira took the chip from his finger and whispered in his ear. “You get to find out if I shave or not? And to road test it. Nothing more.”

Manjit nodded and got up from the table, still leaving Indira leaning across it. “Come on then.”

“What?” Indira moaned shovelling the last of the burger into her mouth.

“I gotta do you by four or I lose da bet.” Indira rolled her eyes but he prodded her towards the empty school building that was next to the park they had wandered onto.

“Where we going?” Indira asked.

“You’ll see,” he told her cryptically. Manjit pushed open the the door to his old classroom, the college was open on Saturdays as it was used for the odd class and sports events, but it was empty. He sat her on the desk and rubbed his hands. Indira looked at him with a firm grin, kissing him on the lips and then leaning back on the desk.

She wasn’t used to sex but had had one partner a few times and waited for Manjit to remove her skirt and panties, and start with foreplay, but he just hiked up her skirt and removed her red briefs.

There was no love or passion to it, it was just quick, firm, loveless movements to gain access to her loins. She grunted as the briefs got stuck around her ankles to display unkempt pubic hair that matched the dark hair on her head. She waited for Manjit to slide off his tracksuit bottoms and revealed an above average-sized cock with veins and a bulbous tip. She licked her lips, her heart beating furious and she felt him touching her crack.

Manjit was “warming her up,” sliding his hands up and down her crevice softly until her own juices meant that his hand was sliding all over her crack. Indira was groaning and pushing her pelvis against Manjit’s hand as he did; his motions were firm but gentle.

A few chats with friends recently meant she was embarrassed at the small number of guys who had sampled her charms and when Manjit asked her out she dreamt of him going further. It was not the situation she had dreamt of, but closed her eyes and enjoyed Manjit’s fingers working their way over her slit. She groaned and waited for Manjit to line up his cock at her entrance before pushing it gently forward into her waiting pussy.

She gripped the sides of the table, groaning as Manjit powered his member deep into her, sighing and crying out. Her voice became ragged and her breathing in fits and starts, exhaling strongly with an animal-like grunt.

Manjit was pounding into her with some speed, his cock rubbing against her vaginal wall and she started swearing at her partner. He smiled as he shoved his cock into her unprotected cunt. “You fucking love this, you fucking whore,” he told her and Indira nodded, and threw her head back staring at the window of their school classroom, seeing a couple of parents walking past the classroom towards the sports pitches.

He grunted, and she squealed, holding Manjit as close towards her with her legs wrapped around his waist. “Oh God,” Manjit cried out. “Fuck!”

His expletive marked his point of no return and he pounded furiously and rapidly into the pussy of the eighteen-year-old girl who was panting and squealing as he did.

Indira could feel something she had never experienced before and it was strange. A weird tension, and she felt her muscles cling on to something, but she didn’t quite know what. It was a curious, unusual feeling and she wanted to pee; she wanted to release and let go, but couldn’t. Indira panicked, screwing up her face, this had not happened before and her body was too sensitive, much too sensitive for her. Her body was alive, and it was an edginess. “Manjit,” she cried through her panting. She need to ask Manjit to slow down when Manjit’s face contorted and she felt his cock twitch.

He groaned and she felt several waves of his semen splatter her insides. “Oh, fuck yeah,” he cried and stayed in Indira savouring the few aftershocks coming from his loins. They remained motionless, panting for a few moments as Indira looked at him with her lustful eyes. “You were epic, darling,” Manjit complimented and Indira just smiled at him.

“You were good too,” she replied eventually in a low voice and looked down to see Manjit’s deposit leak onto the table. Manjit grinned at her. “We need to collect your winnings,” she told him and reached for her red knickers, hooking them over her ankles.

Manjit laughed, and nodded. “Yeah.”

Indira got up, feeling the combined juices of her and Manjit ooze down her canal and could feel her panties getting wetter as she walked to the door. It was uncomfortable but he told her that needed to preserve “evidence” for bet collection.

They glanced at the clock: quarter to four, and they ran out of the classroom and across the school, towards a small estate opposite. Indira could feel her panties filling up with the mixed deposits of leaking semen into the red cotton and ran faster; she wanted to get her knickers off.

Indira rang the doorbell of Manjit’s friend and Shamba opened the door grinning at the two figures in front of him. “You owe him 5000 bucks,” Indira said firmly and breathlessly with a smile which caused the shaven-headed Shamba to scoff.

“How do I know–,” he started saying and Indira cut him off and lowered her knickers from underneath her skirt. “What you doin’?”

“Proving to you,” Indira replied instantly and passed her briefs with the semen covered gusset to the disbelieving teen. “He was wonderful,” Indira gushed as the guy turned up his nose at the item, refusing to take them. “He rammed his cock into me like nothing I’d ever had before.”

Shamba’s face was full of revulsion as he looked the repugnant garment, and passed Manjit 5000 rupees begrudgingly from his wallet. “Fuckin’ lucky bro. How did I know she’d put out on a first date? Why don’t I get the fuckin’ sluts?”

Indira glared at him. “Because he has a wonderful cock,” she teased. “And he knows ‘ow to use it. you don’t.” Shamba grunted and closed the door with a snarl. Indira smiled and waited for them to get to the end of the path. “Come on, pay up.”

Manjit stopped her at the end of the lane and planted a kiss on Indira’s lips, passing her all the five 1000 rupees notes. “Can we do this again?”

Indira grinned. “Yeah. But don’t think you are getting sex every date,” she replied with a smile. ” certainly not for 5000 bucks.”

Manjit grinned. “Sure.”

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