She said “I love you Daddy”-3

I entered the bedroom and began to undress.  The beautiful young girl before me continued to fuck herself, now massaging her clit with her free hand.  Her eyes were closed and her moans becoming louder and louder still – as she reached yet another climax, her body started to shake violently and she let out a loud scream.  She was incredible to watch and just as incredible to fuck.  I excitedly looked forward to climbing on top of her and pressing our bodies together, but reminded myself what need to be done.  It was, after all, an unspoken power struggle and I was there to regain the power for myself.

As she continued to frantically drive the vibrator in and out of herself, I climbed onto the bed and stood up on my feet, moving to stand directly over her as she began to peak once again.  She was at the perfect height to receive my cock, which I swiftly stuffed into her mouth.  I grabbed two handfuls of her hair to steady myself on the bed, bending my legs slightly and began to fuck her face.  Saliva quickly formed and sprayed from her mouth as my cock rammed the back of her throat.  I could hear her gag and moan a little, perhaps, maybe, to let me know I was being too rough with her?  At that moment, though, I didn’t care.  I pulled her hair harder and pulled my cock from her mouth, now angling her head upward to face mine.

My fingers braced her jawline and thumbs stretched her mouth open, as I let the enormous amount of spit which had formed in my own mouth fall into hers. Her eyes watered harder and she squeezed her eyes shut – I knew my daughter’s sexual experiences had been mostly with me, and so I quite expected the reaction she now gave.  I released her mouth and stepped down from the bed as she gagged and began to dry heave, an obvious reaction for not having expected such a surprise from her father. “WHAT THE FUCK?!” she yelled at me, anger now showing in her eyes.  That was a good thing for me, I thought, as it would make this afternoon much easier for me.  Spitting from her mouth the last of my unexpected bodily fluid, she flashed an angry look in my direction, but was suddenly caught off guard by the stinging slap across her face.  It was game on from this point.

She sat on the bed for a moment, stunned by what had just happened; never had she been so humiliated.  Until this very moment, she didn’t know the meaning of the term “rough sex”.  Had she paid more attention to her surroundings, surely she would have noticed the handcuffs I had placed in her nightstand, which I now held obscured from her view.  Perhaps even, she would have noticed the leather bindings I had stashed on the floor behind her headboard just days before. Her hand rubbed the redness of her cheek as I stepped toward her.  Still trying to comprehend what had just happened, I pushed her backward onto the mattress and flipped her body face down.

As she began to grunt and struggle, signaling she was not enjoying what was now happening to her, I clasped one of the cuffs onto her wrist and pulled her arms toward the headboard.  Feeding the cuff through a small partition, I secured the second metal bracelet to her free hand and then tightened both securely. She twisted her head as much as she could to glare at me and screamed obscenities.  I reached for the leather straps and could feel her body begin to buck under the weight of mine.  With the leather straps, I secured both legs to the bed posts, my daughter’s legs spread wide apart.

I looked at her pussy and could see her wetness dripping – was she still somehow turned on by what was happening?  I slid two fingers inside of her and fucker her hole with my hand, its wet sounding sloosh solidifying my hard on.  I couldn’t believe I was actually beginning to enjoy this treatment of my baby girl.  I straddled her body and pressed my cock to her ass cheeks, leaning forward to deliver her a special message.  “Baby girl,” I whispered, “this little game of yours ends today…”  She began to curse at me, but was quickly silenced by the gag I fastened around her mouth.  “You, my love, obviously cannot be trusted to handle the power you’ve held over me, and so today, I’m taking that power back.”  Looking down her, I could see her eyes widen, pleading for me to not carry out whatever plan I might have.  “It’s nothing per….well, yes, it is personal.” She might not enjoy this at all, I warn.  “But first, a little fun for Daddy…this was a mistake from the beginning, our little thing we – well, you – have had.  I should have kicked your ass out of my house the moment I realized it was you who sucked my cock dry, in my own bed, no less.” I lean forward to again whisper in her ear, “I’m not going to lie – this is going to hurt.”  I slid my body back and straddled her legs, my hands spreading her ass cheeks apart.  That’s the thing about anal, I say to no one in particular – it feels great when done right, but can hurt like hell when you’re fucked dry.

She knows exactly what comes next and tries to struggle, but the cuffs and leather straps hold her in place securely.  I press the tip of my cock to her asshole and remind her how tight she feels, even with copious amounts of lube.  Without lube, however…  I force the tip of my cock into her, and feel her body attempt to thrash about, a muffled scream coming from her mouth. I never had before attempted a dry anal fuck until now, but oddly enough and considering the circumstances which brought us to this point, found it enjoyable to inflict this pain on my daughter, if only to teach her a lesson.  As it normally would, the tightness of her asshole around my cock nearly drove me insane.  Fucking her this way was not something I could do for an extended time, as I knew I would lose all control and cum inside of her ass.  While this might be her favorite way to have me finish on her terms, it certainly wasn’t going to happen that way today.  I pulled my cock from her tight hole to breathe a moment; I had come so close to losing my load.  My fingers find their way back to her pussy and are pushed inside her deep – still so very, very wet, and I am quite surprised.  Sucking on my fingers, I savor my baby girl’s taste once again and smile.

My cock slides into her easily, and I lay my body on top of hers.  Slowly at first, I fuck her still-wet pussy and find myself penetrating her faster and faster.  I can feel her breathing heavily beneath the weight of my body and enjoy the warmth of her skin.  As I am about ready to explode, I slow down momentarily to whisper into her ear once more. “All you know how to do is to take from me – my money, my trust….well, I have news for you, honey, it ends today.  I take from you whatever power you THINK you have over me.  The last thing you’ll ever take from me again is my seed!”  Her eyes widen as she realizes impregnation is on her immediate horizon.  My body arches back and I yell loudly as I drive my cock as deep into her cunt as I ever have, letting loose a massive load of my strongest swimmers.  Collapsing on top of her body, which has now gone limp, I rest momentarily before getting up to pull the gag from her mouth.  My girl is silent as I gather my clothes and exit the room, leaving her in this vulnerable position secured to the bed.  Had I given her a second glance as I had left the room, I might have seen the broad smile now creeping across her face.

“I love you so much, Daddy…” she said to an empty room, knowing there was no other way she would have ever gotten this gift from her father, no matter how sweetly she asked.

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