My first sex experience with my sister

Hi readers, this story is about sex with my sister. Me and my sister had been fooling around for a long time, just innocent touching and juvenile curiosity you show me your I’ll show you mine until she learned about sex when we turned 18 and decided to step up our after dark activities ever since that day I was a slave to her and her teen turned women body always doing whatever she wanted even when those things were nasty and not something twins should be doing but she always thought of ways to step up her game and think of even dirtier act of perversity the next time. We were eighteen and our parents out for the night on their weekly date night, we were lying on my bed and she was doing what she did best using me like the slave that I was, “do you hear that Manish, can you hear your little boy cock sliding in and out of your sister’s hot wet pussy.” Nisha yelled as she rode up and down on my six-inch cock her fresh hot pussy milking the spunk from my balls with her every movement,

“Fuck oh fuck Nisha not so hard please I can’t take it I’m going to oh god please I can’t no more I’m cummmmming.” I yelled as I unloaded my thick white sperm that had built up from a week of no sex or masturbation as per her request into my fertile twin sisters snatch.

“Jesus Manish Ohh god keep cumming Ohh cum in my tight box you like that, huh Manish do you like pouring your juice in your own sister’s pussy huh you sissy pussyboy cocksucker.” My sister moaned while milking out the last of my spunk into her pussy. When I finally stopped Cumming, she got off my member my cum spilling out of her pussy and fell back on the bed.

She turned to me and said threatening, “you couldn’t even make me cum and you have the nerve to cum before me huh.”

“But Nisha you were going so hard.” I tried to explain.

“Did I ask for your excuses you dumb pussyboy.” She sneered the contempt on her face only serving to make me hotter,

“N, you didn’t I’m sorry nene I’m really sorry.” I pouted up at her trying to get out of punishment.

“Shut up and lick my pussy until I cum you, useless boy.”

“Yes nene.” I sighed. As soon as I said that she grabbed my head and shoved my face into her pussy filled with my seed and kept it there until I started licking and sucking up cum effectively cleaning out her pussy. As she started to moan out loud she grabbed my head and ground her wet cunt over my lips and nose pushing my face up into her like she wanted to swallow me whole. She kept moaning out nasty things,

“Ohh Ohh yes harder bitch, do it harder lick my clit lick it you pussyboy suck your filthy cum out of your twin sisters hot snatch!” She moaned out while rubbing my nose up and down her wet slit. After I got all my cum out I started pushing my stiff tongue in and out of her slick slit until she started grabbing my hair and screaming out,

“Ooh oh yessss Manish baby I’m cumming your twin sister is cumming on your hot tongue make sure you get all my juice don’t spill a drop if you miss even a drop ill punish your ass sooo hard oh yesssss fuuuck.”

“Yes nene” I mumbled into her wet pussy my words muffled by her beautiful lips.

“Oh, oh myy god yessss.” She moaned out while she came filling my mouth with her sweet juices nearly smothering me in her jerking and twitching.

Nisha let my head go as she finally calmed down and fell back against the pillows gasping for breath, as I pulled back heavily breathing and crawled up and rested my head on her large size D breast and started to lightly suckle on the nipple closest to my mouth as nene started patting my head.

“You did do good Manish you’re such a good boy that was amazing.” As she said that my chest puffed up with pride and my heart was filled with love and awe for this beauty I called a sister and lover.

“Oh, I love you Nisha so so much.”

“So, I was thinking that I would invite Amit over to come play with us on the weekend what do you think of that.” She asked like I had any choice in the matter,

“Do you have to nene, he might tell the whole school it would be so terrible.”

“I think you’ve misunderstood pussyboy I wasn’t really asking he is already coming over so deal with it.”

“Whatever you want nene you know I live to serve you.”

“Good boy well bring him over and have him fuck both of us you need practice in those cocksucking skills if you want to be a real sissy.”

“Yes, Mistress I’ll do anything for you.”

“Oka,y I’ll talk to him tomorrow no get some sleep I love you Manish.” Was the last thing I heard as I drifted into a sweet abyss still suckling on her breast. For the rest of the week Nisha’s boyfriend Amit would give me hot looks and smirks whenever we saw each other. I was the weak nerd looking a lot like my sister, which would be fine if I was a girl but with my soft pale skin covering my slim fit body my soft medium length blond hair and big bright blue eyes a little too large for my face I was the poster child for a sissy boy, but Amit, Amit was a Greek god with the body of Aries his rock hard abs that I’ll admit to sneaking a peek or two in the locker room, biceps that are big but not too big and a round juicy ass that you just want to grab, his thighs as large as tree trunks looking like they could squish you with a flex of his muscles and his skin a beautiful sun kissed tone all these features contributed to the reason Amit was so popular and goof with the ladies he was the poster man for masculinity. I was constantly bullied for my feminine looks, but Zac has always stood up for me.

I had a huge crush on him until my sister brought him home and introduced him as her boyfriend I decided I would push my feelings down but I was getting a chance to be with Amit it was more than I had ever imagined whenever we were in the locker room and he would grab my ass or strut around with his long dick that was 9 inches soft I couldn’t wait for this weekend. The weekend finally came, and I rushed home from school stripping out of my clothes and got into the shower so that I would be completely clean when my sister and Amit got here. I only had 30 minutes to shave completely and do my hair just the way Nisha like it then put on my French maid outfit to look like the pussyboy I was. The door opened and my sister walked in with her pale goddess like figure stopping me in my tracks her pink t-shirt stretched to the max over her large breasts and her long silky legs covered only by her mini skirt with red heels to complete the ensemble only to see me kneeling eagerly in the hallway were I was waiting for her to come home from school. After my sister stepped aside Amit walked through the doorway and looked down at me with a sneer of amusement and a flash of lust flashing through his eyes. The look he was giving me and the complete humiliation of the situation caused Manish junior to make his presence known tenting up the front of the maid dress.

“Aww babe he has a chubby for us.” My sister sneered as she walked past me purposely pushing her heel into my dick.

“Owwwww ohh nene ahhh.” I cried out in pain and a little pleasure as she twisted her foot.

“Ha-ha, Nisha I think she likes it what a fag.” Amit laughed at the sight of my cock standing a little taller in the act of humiliation and degradation was getting from them both. I didn’t fail to notice his change of pronouns and it only made me harder the feeling that he saw me as less than a man was making me red in the face as I tried not to spew all over my sister’s shoes.

“Clean my shoes pet it is the least you could do after they gave you pleasure.” She said in a husky voice as she held her red heels up to my mouth waiting for me to open my mouth.

“Yes mistress,” I said as I opened my mouth and she shoved her foot in and I started licking the bottoms clean.

“There you go buy just keep licking like the dog you are,” she said while moving her heels all around my face my tongue moving to try and catch her shoes again. As this was happening Amit stood and watched with a sneer while palming himself in his jeans his dick growing quickly. As I was licking her heels I looked up her skirt and the sight had me groaning and nearly cumming in my panties she wasn’t wearing panties her hot cunt leaking down her thighs, she looked down and saw exactly where I was looking as she laughed and smirked darkly at me.

“Hey baby wanna see what this pussyboy is good for,” she asked Amit who was sitting on the couch watching the erotic display us twins were putting on for him spread out like he lived here, rubbing his hard dick through the material of his jeans when she turned to him laughing he looked at me the turned back to mistress.

“Show me what the cunts useful for.” he said roughly, and Nisha looked even more turned on grabbing my head by the hair and pushing my face up into her skirt and into her wet cunt. As she did that I inhaled her womanly scent and pressed kisses to her lower lips, but it seemed my teasing only made her more frustrated as she yanked my head back and spit into my face.

” Hey cunt enough with all the sissy kissing I want your fat tongue on my cunt eating all my juices out there might even be some of Amit’s cum left from when he fucked me at lunch.” Her degrading me only made me hotter and with a hard cock, spit running down my cheeks and a new enthusiasm I got to work.

“Aww look her little clit is getting hard.” Amit sneered at me as I started shoving my tongue up into my sisters’ womanly channel slurping and panting was the only noises heard in the room as we all started getting hot. I looked to the side at Amit and saw that he had taken his cock out and was rubbing it tot he scene of my face in my twin sisters’ snatch. I continued to eat out my sister until she began to cum gripping my face and humping my mouth rubbing her wet slit up and down all over me,

“Oooh oh good lord keep going pussy boy don’t stop ohhh, I can feel your tongue ohhh this is yours for being a good little toy, oh god eat Amit’s cum from my body you cum slut bitch Jesus christ ohhh!” she threw me to the floor as she started coming down from her orgasm. I lied on the floor red in the face panting as Amit got up from the couch shoved his prick in my face and grabbed my hair and pushed his dick into my mouth throat fucking me as I gagged and spit slurping up all his precum as he cursed and degraded me.

“Come on fag you know you like it, take it down your throat feel the cock of a real man down you cum guzzling slut. Oh, fuck ya lick my balls you shit.” he said as he lifted his sweaty balls and rubbed hem all over my tongue. My sister was now on the couch rubbing herself to the sight of me on my knees with her boyfriend’s dick in my mouth. After a while of fucking my face, he stopped and turned me onto my hands and knees my bubble butt pointing towards him. He spits into his hand and began rubbing up with his saliva as the only lube my ass began to tingle and clench when I thought of that big thing inside my small hole, SMACK! SMACK! I felt the hot pain on my ass as Amit’s meaty hands brought my mind back to the situation.

“Ow ow oh ouch Amit!” I cried out.

“Shut up fag I’m going in without ant prep I don’t want any sniveling, so u better take it bitch.” After he said that he began to push his prick through my sphincter slowly for the first few inches then shoving it all in at once groaning as his cock was fully enveloped in the warmness of my ass.

“Aw fucking fag take that dick bitch take my huge cock, look at your sister she is rubbing herself to the sight of you impaled on my prick this whole family is fucked a bunch of perverts.”

“Ohhhh please no more pull out, nene make him stop make it mmm mmm!” I cried out the last word muffled as my sister shoved my face back where it belonged into her juicy wet pussy preventing me from yelling anymore. SMACK! SMACK! SLAP! Amit kept slapping my ass while ramming his huge cock inside me my dick bouncing up and down every time he bottomed out I was harder then ever moaning into my sisters’ pussy my dick leaking and dripping on the hardwood floors. As I got used to the rough treatment I finally began to feel the heat of pleasure rushing down my body gathering in my nether regions, as I began moaning and groaning bucking my hips back attempting to fuck myself onto Amit’s big cock as he continued to get rougher. My sister pulled my face back from her hot cunt and slid down until my cock lined up with her wet channel

“Come on Amit give him a nice hard thrust and send him up into my pussy I want him to cum inside me and knock me up with his baby.”

“Oh, my fucking god you are the most fucked up sibling I’ve met but it is just sooo hot!” Amit hisses as he pulls his cock all the way out of my anus only to slam it back into me sending my cock into my sister’s entrance.

“Fuck fuck nene oh nene please please I’m cumming oh my god I’m cumming in my sisters’ pussy!” I screamed out as I began to unload my seed into my sister’s fertile womb my ass clenching down on Amit’s dick as me and my sister started to orgasm together.

“Oh, fucking fag, milk my cock milk it so good while you impregnate your sister you whore, oh god I’m cumming in this queers ass.” He yelled out as he erupted his red-hot seed into me, scorching my channel as it poured into my belly filling me with his release all of us moaning and crying out as we collapsed huffing as my sister grabbed my hair and told me,

“Clean us both up bitch I want Amit’s dick and my pussy clean you cum slit.” And did I ever clean as I got to work sucking my sperm out of my sisters’ hole and licking my ass spunk off Amit soft dick. By the end, we were all exhausted and climbed the stairs into our bedroom and all passed out on my sister queen sized bed. The next morning, I woke up to Amit’s dick in my mouth him already hard and ready to go

“Common bitch we’re going to be doing this for a long time I’m never giving you or your sister up.” and my heart swelled because I knew he was serious that we would be together forever and from that moment I loved not only getting dominated by my sister but her lover too.

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