Mridul made Richa satisfied-3

She said, oh God Mridul, that it! That’s what I need! I need more now!
I’m sorry baby but I need you to come for mommy, it’s an emergency darling, I NEED IT!!

Then she shoved me back into her mouth and began to suck me like a madwoman! The feeling was indescribable! I new I wouldn’t last long looking down at her beautiful face and seeing my cock going in and out of her. I grabbed her head and said, ok mommy, here it comes, it’s all for you!! Oh God!! I yelled as I let loose of a huge blast of cum into her sucking desperate throat.
I just kept fucking her mouth and shooting blast after blast into her and she couldn’t get enough.
I kept going until I was emptied and then I fell to the bed beside her.
She rolled me over and went back to nursing from my half hard penis.
I just looked at her as my greatest hopes and dreams appeared to be coming true before my eyes.

As I lay there mom was licking up my balls and up the sides of my cock searching for any left over drop of sperm. When her eyes met mine she froze. I could see that she had come out of her haze and just realized what she had just done. She dropped my dick and staired at me like a deer frozen in the headlights.

Oh dear God, what have I done!

Mom it’s alright I said as I took her by the arms and pulled her to me in a hug.

Do you feel better now mom, it looks like you feel better, are you ok??

She mumbled a few things and then said, yes… Yes whatever it was has seemed to passed. She still seemed disoriented and completely confused.
I don’t know what happened, I was in suck agony and when I smelled you and then tasted you, I knew somehow that is was exactly what I needed.
I know that sounds insane, I can’t believe what I’m even saying!
Oh Lord, what have I done!!

And she started crying in her hands as I held her and told her everything was going to be ok, I would help her figure this out.

Yes, I felt like shit about putting her through this, but I couldn’t see any other way and I was already up to my eyeballs in it now anyways.

I got her settled down and got her to lay down on the bed and I laid down with her and held her until we both fell asleep.

…. The next morning. Mom and I woke up at the same time. At first she couldn’t even look me in the eyes. She got out of bed and went to shower and freshen up. I did the same. Afterwards I went and got her from her room and told her we had to talk this out.
She just started crying again saying how sorry she was and how she hopes I still love her. I finally said, STOP THIS MOM!.. of course I love you and I always will! Whatever happened we will figure out together, and let’s be real, it’s not like you hurt me mom, and I have to be real as well, it’s not like it felt terrible! So just stop saying sorry and let’s figure this out together,ok??

She stopped crying and seemed to be confused at my statement but also somewhat relieved as well. She calmed down and I told her, mom I’m the smartest person and doctor you know, if anyone can figure this out I can. Right off the top of my head, I’m thinking something like an acute protein or vitamin deficiency that cause you to go into shock and disorder. There’s a lot of protein and vitamins in a man’s sperm, maybe your body sensed this and went into auto pilot to try and get what it needed, iv heard of things much more unusual. But again, that’s just off the top of my head. I’m going to my lab at work and bring home what I need and set up a lab here at home in the basement. I’m going to take a leave of absence and I promise we will get to the bottom of this. Hell, who knows? Maybe it’s out of your system or an anomaly of some sort. But we have to be sure, I love you too much to take any chances.

Oh thank you Mridul, I don’t know what I would do without you my love.

Don’t worry mom, I’m here and I always will be for you.

She put her head on my shoulder and we held each other. My God how I loved this woman.

…. I rushed to work and got a bunch of things from my lab to make it look good to Mom. I put everything in the van and then went to the office to inform them I would be taking an indefinite leave because of an family issue. They were very understanding. They really had no choice, they needed me and they knew with my family money, this was more of a passion for me than anything else. I got in the van and rushed home to my mother.

Richa was looking after her. I told Mom that I told Richa that she was not feeling well and that was all.
I didn’t want her feeling any more uncomfortable then she already had been. Mom saw me carrying in all the medical equipment and I know it made her feel better to know I was on the case. She knew how intelligent I was and what I was capable of when motivated. I set up a make shift lab in the basement and even took blood and urine samples from mom through the day. I could already tell she was feeling much more at ease.

… Then evening came. It was about 6:30 when she started to feel the first twindges of discomfort. She tried to dismiss it as nerves. By 7:30 she was markedly more unsteady.
Her paulse was faster and her couldn’t stop fidgeting. She told me that she felt it starting again.

I said, ok mom. I want to try something, a test of sorts,ok?

Yes son, anything.

Ok, wait here and I’ll be right back.
… I went to the fridge and got a sperm sample I took from the lab earlier that day when I got this idea in my head. I had to let her know that MY cum was the only one that would work. I didn’t want her out trying to find cum from other men so she didn’t have to get it from her baby boy. That would not do.

I came back to the room and I could see a real change in her state. It was coming on her strong now, the craving, the need.

I told her about the sperm sample. I said I know how bad she felt about last night and if this is the only way to help her while I figure this out I thought it might help if I got this for her so she didn’t feel so bad about getting the sperm from me.
She smiled at me and said what a thoughtful, wonderful son I am, and yes that had been on her mind all day.

I got to admit, her not wanting my cum stung a little bit, but what could I expect really. This wasn’t going to all happen over night. It was somewhat like getting a wild animal to eat from your hand I guess, but then I have to get the wild animal to let me fuck it and hopefully want me to fuck it. Not such an easy undertaking. But this was the mission.

Mom was know so uncomfortable, that she just plain out asked me for the sperm sample I had brought home.
That actually shocked me a bit, mom mother asking for a stranger’s sperm to drink. But I guess I could understand, even though I already knew it was pointless for her.
I took the top off the small plastic bottle and handed the sample to her.
She looked embarrassed when she took it from me but also as if she truly needed it. She took it and slowly brought it up to her nose. Right away I could see that something was wrong by her face. She looked at me puzzled but said nothing. She was shaking now and in withdrawal. She pressed forward and shot the cold cum down in one shot. She looked as if it tasted terrible. Then we waited in silence a few moments.

Something’s wrong Maddy, it’s not working!

Wait and give it a minute mom, it might take a few minutes?

No! It’s not working damnit!! I know it! When it was yours I could feel relief right away! Damnit, I feel nothing but need!! What are we going to do?!!!

She fell over on the couch and started to shake and tear up.

Don’t worry mom, I’ll help you no matter what, I swear!

Then I got up and walked over in front of her on the couch and started undoing my pants.

She looked up, what are you doing?

Well mom, this fixed you last night, maybe it will again and right now I don’t have any other ideas to try yet.

I pulled my pants and boxers down and right off. I got right in front of her and started to stroke my cock while looking at her. She seemed mesmerized by it at first and then caught herself stairing and acted as if she was not looking right at it.
As I stroked, I could feel pre-cum leaking out and mom could not only see it, but I could tell now that she could smell it and it was having a hard effect on her.

That’s it Mridul, that’s the smell that drove me to insanity last night. That stuff you brought home was revolting. But my god, you smell incredible! I can’t take it son! I need some NOW! Hurry up I need it!

I’m trying mom, I’m really trying.
.. I really wasn’t, I wanted her to learn she would have to get it out of me herself, I just couldn’t come out and say that. I had to try and be a gentleman about it and let her make all the first moves.

So I kept stroking and leaking pre-cum until she couldn’t take it anymore and said, for God’s sake, just give it to me and I’ll get it myself!!

Now that’s what I wanted to hear! I thought to myself.

See reached out and took hold of my cock and began to stroke me. I heard her whisper to herself, SO HUGE.
Then she leaned forward and took me in her velvety mouth and went to town on me. She was giving me pleasure like I had never experienced.

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