Mridul made Richa satisfied-2

I couldn’t believe it, I was finally going to feel real pussy and it was with my beautiful Richa!!
I pushed my cock forward with Richa guiding me in. The second my cock head opened her cunt we both gasped with pleasure. I push in more until I had my whole cock in her and my balls were resting against her.
She cried out and wrapped her arms around me and put her head into my shoulder and neck. Oh Mridul! OH MRIDUL!! You so big in Mama!!

It felt incredible inside her. I had seen enough porn to know what to do and I began to work my log in and out of her holding on to her wide meaty hips as I started really fucking hard into her and hearing her moans and grunts caught me off guard and before I could stop anything my orgasm came like a lightning bolt and I hollered out in pure joy as my young body spewed forth a gallon of boy cum into Richa’s wet frothy cunt and I pounded it deep into her belly as she yelled, yes baby give it all to Mama!! Give Mama all your cum!!!
I kept pounding into her until I was spent. Richa held me tight against her and ran her fingers through my hair and whispered softly how much she loved me and how she’s always going to be here for me whenever I need her. I was so very happy in her arms and my half hard cock still inside her.

As she comforted me I began to get fully hard again and Richa said, OH MY baby, you just go ahead and do your business sugar.
I fucked her more slowly that time while she held her big saggy tits up for me to nurse from as I fuck away between her parted thighs. After awhile I blew another big load into her warm moist dark cunt and almost collapsed to the floor but Richa held me tight and we stayed coupled together for a long time. She tucked me in that night and laid with me until I drifted off with one of her big chocolate nipples in my suckling mouth….. And that’s how it went through my teenage years. Richa pleasured me in every way possible to keep me from going mad with the frustration of the lust and love I had for my mother. Even when I got older and experimented with other women and girls, Richa always was there for me, and even now at 26 and Richa is 55, I still fuck the shit out of her at least every other day, she’s incredible in bed and indaulges my every fantasy. I really love her.
But the absolute need for my mother would never go and I’ve been working on this formula to make my dream come true. I know this can’t make her fall in love with me, but if she can’t get through the day without having my sperm in her body, then at least I will be able to lay with her and work on making her fall in love with me through intimacy. It’s no where near a perfect plan, but I’ve been in hell all these years and this is all I have. I haven’t been able to do human testing because I can’t let anyone else know what I have created, but it worked perfectly on six separate pairs of monkeys. I’ve decided to go forward with my plan in two weeks on New year’s Eve. I will inject myself with the serum two days before and then I will have to get my sperm in my mother either orally or vaginally. Of course I plan to do it orally the first time, lm hoping she will be drinking heavily and will be sleeping very hard that night and I can pour my sperm into her sleeping mouth. If it works, by the next night she will have cravings even stronger than a out of control heroin addict. She will have to come to me in she wants to satisfy her need, and I will cure her.
I will pause here and get back to you after New year’s Eve and tell you if my plans have become reality.
My mother is 53 now but as beautiful and sexy as ever in my eyes, if this fails, I don’t know how I will ever find peace in this life.
Please, wish me well.

….. January 30th, it’s been an emotional rollercoaster since I last paused this, my story. But I suppose I should go back to New year’s Eve.
I had injected the formula into my body on December 28th, so far so good, I didn’t notice any side effects. I had also created a antidote for my mother, just in case.
I had told Richa of my plan a month before, she was dead against it at first, but after a long talk and after telling her about the antidote, she realized how much I needed this and trusted in my work.
I was given her consent. I thought I sensed a bit of jealousy, but when all is said, Richa knows she’s family and will be with me for the rest of her days and that is that.
But there was one drawback to this, if Richa and I were to continue our sexual relationship together, she to would need to consume my cum once every day, I told her I had frozen at least a hundred batches of my sperm for emergencies and that would do if for any reason I was not available. She could use the antidote 3 maybe 4 times, but after that it might not be healthy to keep using it, it would be to hard on the liver and kidneys. She thought about it and said she loved me to much not to have me inside her and she was already taking my sperm into her body on a pretty regular basis anyway and a little thawed out cum here and there never hurt no one.

God, I really love that woman.

So New year’s Eve came and I convinced mom to stay with Richa and I to celebrate. She said she was flattered I wanted to hang out with my old mother on New year’s instead of going out with my friends to party the night away. I told her she was my first choice and I have been missing her with being so busy with work. When I said that, I could share she blushed?
Anyway, I kept the wine flowing that night and at midnight when she was very drunk, I slipped something in her glass of wine just to be safe. 20 minutes later she was dead to the world unconscious. I carried her to her bed and got a whiskey glass from the bar. I couldn’t cum straight into her mouth while she slept, with the amount I cum, it would most likely choke her or even drowned her in her sleep. I would have to cum in the glass and slowly feed it into her mouth. I could just rape her, but I didn’t want to do that, I wanted our first time to be her choice. Well, her choice in a way I guess, but it seemed better than rapping her in her sleep. It’s not a perfect world and I’m not a perfect person, just a man in love.

I walked back into her room and Richa followed in behind me.
I looked at her with a confused expression on my face.
Oh hell baby boy, ole Richa gonna help you get that cream out of that beautiful dick of yours. I smiled at her and said thank you Mama.
Ok baby, you just sit there on the bed next to your mother and just let me take care of you like I always do. I sat on the bed as she said and Richa pulled my pants down and got between my legs on her knees. She took hold of my cock and put me in her heavenly mouth and went to work.
As she sucked me I couldn’t help but look over at my sleeping mother.
She was so fucking beautiful and sexy. I couldn’t help myself, I picked up one of her sexy feet and took off her high heel. I put her foot to my face and breathed her intoxicating aroma. Her smell wasn’t like some smelly foot oder, her had a erotic womenly sent that drove me mad with lust. I started rubbing her pantyhose covered foot all over my face and sucking her toes through her hose. With Richa sucking me and playing with my mother I was going to cum in record time. I put mom’s leg down grabbed the glass and warned Richa. She took my dick out of her mouth and stroked me while I held the glass. I came hard with Richa sucking my balls and pumping her hand up and down my shaft. When I had emptied my load into the glass I rested a few moments before starting to feed mom my cum and see if all my work and dreams would bare fruit. I slowly dripped my sperm into her sleeping mouth over the next half hour, kissed her goodnight and turned in to bed also.

Morning came for me around 9am.
I was a little hung over, but mostly just nervous as all hell. Mom was still in bed but Richa was up and made me breakfast and sat with me while I waited for my mother to wake up. It wouldn’t happen right away, but by my calculations by 8 or nine tonight she should be craving more of my sperm. At first she won’t know what she is craving, I would have to some how share that knowledge with her and that would be a difficult thing to do. I had a little time to figure that out. That first day she was so hungover that I didn’t think she would be able to tell much difference between the craving and being sick, so that night I came in a glass of orange juice and gave it to her and just got her to bed.

Day two January 2nd,… The day went normal and as evening came I waited to see what would happen.
Around 6pm she started acting twitchy and edgy. By 7pm she was starting to sweat and was getting cold and hot flashes. By 8pm she was coming to me and saying she needed something but she didn’t know what, she was acting desperate and very needy. She was hanging on me trying to think of what she needed, her mind was at a loss of what could be happening. I began to feel terrible about what I was putting her through, but I had been suffering most of my life and I just couldn’t go on that way any longer.
She started feeling weak and dissy so I helped her to her bed at got her under the sheets. It was now 11:30 and she was absolutely desperate for something but didn’t know what? I thought maybe it was time. I told her I had to go to the bathroom and I would be right back.
She said hurry up baby, I need you with me. I told her I would.
I went into the bathroom and got my cock out and began to stroke myself while I thought about licking mom’s pussy. I got my self close and back off letting some pre- cum leak out, I did it again and then once again until my pre-cum was all over my cock head and leaking down my cock shaft. Now it was the moment of Truth.

I walked back into the bathroom with my cock hanging out of my pants. Mom was twisting and rolling around on the bed, she didn’t even look up as I walked in. I walked up right to the side of the bed and waited with my cum covered cock hopefully sending out the smell she would recognize as the source of her need. Mom was breathing hard and groaning. She called out to me with her head down and not looking at me.

Mridul!! Mridul I need something!!

I knew she was becoming delirious with need.

My semi-hard cock was now maybe 12 inches from her sweat covered head.
She was laying on her stomach and had her face down across her arms.
She sensed me next to her and said, Oh god Mridul, I need it so bad!!
I feel like Im going crazy!

I said, what mommy? What do you need?

I don’t know Maddy, I DON’T KNOW!
But oh my God I need it!

Then she lifted her head to look at me. It took her a second to clear her vision.



Your private is out of your pants!

Oh good mom I’m sorry, I must of forgot to put it back in when I went to the bathroom, I was just in a hurry to get back to you!

I started to act like I was going to put my cock away when all the sudden mom started to sniff, and sniff and sniff some more.

WAIT! WAIT A Second!…. No!… No it can’t be? She said talking to herself. No!

Then she got up on her hands and knees and got a little closer and kept sniffing like a dog.

What’s that smell Mridul? What is it???

Umm, I don’t know what you mean mom?

I went to go put my cock away and she said, WAIT!… I’m sorry Maddy, but wait a second.

Ok mom, anything you need. Just tell me what I can do for you?

Then she moved in closer now, only a few inches from my hardening sticky sperm covered cock.

That smell she said, that wonderful smell! Then she looked up at me and said, oh good Maddy, I’m so sorry! I can’t help it, I need it so bad and I don’t know why or what’s happening to me!! Please forgive me son!!

With that she came forward on all fours on the bed as I stood next to it and in one Bob of the head, she took half my cock into her mouth.
The feeling and sight of this over powered my brain and senses. I went weak in the knees and barely held myself up. She was like an crazed junkie sucking and licking all over my rock hard meat.

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