Mom got fucked by son Nitin-3

Then she fell forward on me and started to kiss me wildly. She just kept saying, give me your baby,Nitin, let me please you, let me give you what you need, Nitin. I was so freaked out,but so very lost in lust. I grabbed her little ass cheeks and started stroking my cock in and out of her incredibly tight little pussy, as she cried in my ear and begged me to cum inside her.
I felt my balls getting tight and I knew it was coming. I still didn’t know what to do? I couldn’t cum inside her, right? I mean, I did want a child, but this was insane, right?? All I knew was I was running out of time to decide. Just then Kirti came down and began to French me like mad, using her tongue to mouth fuck me. She looked me in the eyes and said, I want to be your wife now, Nitin. I want to live with you and take care of you. I want you to use me in anyway that makes you happy, Nitin. I love you! I looked at her and said, I love you too Kirti! Just as I blew a buck shot of baby batter deep into my 18 yr old sisters virgin womb and painted it white with sperms. Her eyes squeezed shut as I began to thrust up and pound my cock into her with force and reckless abandon. She screeched with searing pain as I battered her defenseless little body with cock and semen until I had driven it all up into her. When I stopped, she was a shaking mess, laying limp on top of me. I carest her back and little tush, the same tushy I use to dipper. She started to kiss all over my face, she said that I was incredible and she belongs to me now.

It was all to much at the time, I also needed to get washed up before mom got back any minute. So I rolled her off me, gave her a kiss and ran to the bathroom to clean up.
When I came out of the bathroom, mom was back in bed with Kirti and they were munching on popcorn. Mom smiled at me and patted the bed next to her, for me to come and get in bed. I did and Kirti instantly grabbed my arm and wrapped it around herself and cuddled up and into my chest, my mom just laid her head against my shoulder.
My mind was racing, what did I do! I just blew a monster load into my very fertile sister! And what was all that shit about her wanting to be my new wife and live with me? Did she really feel that way? What the fuck was going on!!??
As the movie ended, my mom told Kirti to go to bed in her room, that we all needed to get some sleep. Kirti kissed mom goodnight and when she kissed me goodnight, she slipped her tongue in my mouth for a few seconds. She then got up and walked her sexy little ass out of my room.

So there I was, just mom and I in bed together. Mom said she was going to get dressed for bed and went off to the bathroom. I just laid back and went over what just happened in my bed. I must have passed out, cause I woke up out of a terrible dream of my wife sucking off her boss. I woke up yelling and I instantly felt my mother pulling me to her and telling me it was just a dream and I’m alright now.
As she pulled me to her, she put my face right into her heavy cleavage.
Her thin silky cloth robe, did nothing to hind the feel of her tits and big jutting nipples.
I could feel her big breast on my face and smell her faint perfume.
I was getting hard in no time,as she ran her fingers through my hair and told me how much she loved her baby. As she cuddled in closer and tighter, she all the sudden felt my hard on touch her thigh, and she froze, and I froze.
I didn’t know how she would handle this, so I waited for her to do something. Then after a couple minutes, mom reached up and opened the front of her robe a freed one of her big tits and Drew my face to it.
She said, go ahead baby, I know you want to. I couldn’t believe it, and I didn’t hesitate. I took her big puffy nipple in my mouth and I nursed from my mother for the first time in twenty two years. I was in Paradise! I grabbed her hip and pulled her twords me as I suckled with hunger. She held the under side of her tits and massaged the breast to make it move in my mouth. It was very sexy, to say the least.

She then spoke softly to me as I nursed from her.
She said, your a young healthy strong man,and I know you have needs that must be tended to. I don’t think a wonderful, married man like you should be left to masturbate by him self, you deserve better than that, by God! I told you I would take care of you in every way, and I meant it, Nitin. So if you would like, I could use my hand or mouth on you or if you wish, I can let you masturbate inside me, my love. I just want your happiness.
I was over the moon with joy!
Ever since I was a kid, I have wanted to fuck my mom, and now she was offering herself to me. SCORE!!!
I was still latched on to her teat, as she looked down, running her fingers through my hair and asked, what’s the one thing I could do for you right now to make you happy, sweetheart?
I thought for a few seconds and released her big nipple from my mouth and said, mom, I want to kiss you between your legs. Even in the moon light, I could tell she blushed.
But she smiled and said, sit up then my love. As I sat up, she spread her legs and ran her hands up and down her inner thighs and said, is this what you need baby. I just looked at her hairy beautiful pussy.

She had a wide strip landing strip, with long hair. I loved it!
She said too me, everything I have is yours, my son. If anything I have pleases you, I will give it to you, willingly.
I told my mother that I loved her as I dove face first into her birth canal and tasted the pussy the I came out of 25 years ago. I went a little crazy at first. I was licking and sucking all over the place. I licked her from asshole to clit, about sixty times. I rubbed my face all through her Bush and licked and bit her thighs, I stuck my tongue inside her asshole, I couldn’t get enough of her sent and taste.

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