Mom got fucked by son Nitin-2

The whole day went like that, both of them waited on me hand and foot. Tending to my every need. It was so nice being pampered. Especially after being with my wife for the last 3 years!
When evening came, we decided Kirti would take the guest bedroom and mom would bunk with me. I had a California King size bed, so there was no problem with plenty of room.
Now my wife had taken the television in the living room, so the only other big screen, was in my bedroom. So we I decided to watch movies in my room on my big comfy, bed. When Kirti came in, she was dressed in a tight t-shirt and white panties. She ran a jumped in bed a got under the covers. Then mom came in, she was still wearing her form fitting summer dress, but I noticed that she had taken off her pantyhose. She got in bed and snuggled up under the covers as well. Now I was doing my best to not get turned on, but my mom has always been in my jack-off dreams, and my little sister was looking so sexy in those panties, I was starting to get somewhat hard under the covers.

Mom hooked her are under mine and put her head on my shoulder as Kirti turned off the lights and came to lay next to me with her head on my chest and her leg wrapped over my leg. So we all settled in for the scary movie in the dark. After a few minutes went by, I felt Kirti’s hand start to slide down my stomach, under the covers and all the sudden,my baby sister had a hold of my cock through my boxers. I froze.
I didn’t know what to say or do?
She then slipped her hand right in my shorts and grabbed my naked tool and started to squeeze and massage it. I instantly got hard and I rised my knee up so mom wouldn’t see my Bonner or Kirti’s hand moving.
As sis played with my twitching cock, she whispered in my ear and said, I just want to make you happy, Nitin, let me give you what you need. Then she laid her head back on my chest and teased and stroked my acking shaft, while my mother’s face was 2 ft away from my fondled cock.

It felt so good, but I felt so guilty for letting my baby sister play with my cock and balls. I was thinking that this was the first time she had had a cock in her hand, and it was mine. She was working her tiny little hand up and down my rod.
Sometimes she would drop down and massage my nuts for a little while,like she was taking a mental picture through touch and feel.
But then she went back to a nice steady stoke, up and down. Just as the movie got to a scary part mom said, oh I’m skipping this part, I’m going to go make us some popcorn. Do you guys want popcorn with extra butter? Kirti said yes please,Mommy! I just looked at Mom and smiled and said yeah, sounds good mom. I was doing everything I could not to cum all over the covers at the time, and really needed mom out of the room for a minute.

As soon as she left the room, Kirti flipped the covers off us and dove her pig-tailed head down to my pre-cum, oosing cock and shoved as much of my bloated head in her mouth as she could, before I could get a word out. I couldn’t help but moan as she did her best to please her big brother. She rubbed my nuts and took her wet mouth off my cock, and looked at me and said, I love you, Nitin. I’ve always been in love with you. That stupid bitch never deserved you. But I can give you what she took away.
And then Kirti climbed up my body and grabbed hold of my cock with one hand and with the other, she pulled her little panties aside. I was in shock and so filled with lust at the same time. My mind said to stop her, but my need to breed, won the argument, and she started pushing the head of my dick in her tiny slit.

At first it didn’t seem any way I was going inside her. Her lips were just smearing all over the helmet, but then an inch or so, slipped in, and Kirti’s face got real white an froze. Then I felt a give in her as if something gave way and two more inches popped inside. Kirti cried out in pain and she looked as if she was going to cry. I said, oh god! I’m sorry baby! She stopped me and said no Nitin, no! I knew it would hurt some, mom told me it hurts the first time, I’m just glad it’s you Nitin, and then with a clenched jaw, Kirti pushed down on my steel rod a took more of me in her tiny, tight body.
I shoot my head back. I’d never felt a hot,tight, wet, pussy this wonderful before. My dick had goen to dick heaven! I just laid back and let her do her best to adjust to the object being stabbed into her tiny cervix.

When I opened my eyes, she had the light from the T.V. behind her,and I looked down and there was at least three inches still underneath her yet. She was sitting straight up, with her head and shoulders cocked back. She looked like a little angel that had been impaled through, on a wooden Spike. She looked as if my cock was supporting her wight.

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