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This story is about my first incest experience. Before I never had a thing with my cousin. That all changed at a formal party. She was wearing a tight green dress and straighted her hair. I love girls with straight hair. I loved her ass and imagined fucking her all the time.

One day, my family went over to her house. I was greeted by her family. There she was. Sitting on the sofa wearing tight jeans and had straight hair. I became so horny. I talked to her for a while about school. After a couple hours late, the adults decided to go shopping for stuff for the winter. They left for about a good 2 hours.

I looked at her alot while she was on the phone. She was so hot.
“Hey, look”
I looked at her thinking she was gonna show me something. She took a snap of me.
“Look at your face” as she started laughing. Sure enough, my face looked funny.
“Give me that”
I was trying to take the phone to delete it then she took it away from me putting her ass by my crotch. I went even further for the phone. Then she got up and ran to her room trying to post it and I ran after her. She tried to close the door on me but she failed. She jumped on her bed and I got on top of her trying to get her phone. She put it in her crotch and without thinking I grabbed her phone. She took it out of my hands and held it away from me.

Then, I followed. I got right on top of her ass. I grabbed the phone and she turned around. We we’re facing each other. We looked at each other for a good couple of seconds. I leaned in. I kissed her passionately. Tongue to tongue. We made out for a couple of minutes. I grabbed her boobs and stuck my face in them. Then I went lower and straight to her crotch. I stuck my face in there. I took off her jeans slowly. Then her shirt. We kissed and kissed, faster and more passionately. I removed her bra and panties as she undid my clothes. Soon she was on top of me naked. I kissed her so much. Then she moved closer to my dick which was pretty erect. She toyed with it a bit. Then she put it in her mouth. Good that felt amazing. Her hair made me get even hornier. She went up and down.up and down. Then she got up and then she guided my dick towards her pussy. She put it in and good, it was so tight. She rode me. Letting out sexy moans. Then something unexpected happened. Another cousin came out of the bathroom. We didn’t even know she was here.
“What the fuck are u guys doing!”

Scared shitless, we jumped off each other
She was my other cousin who I have a crush on.
She walked over to me and laid on me. I was so Confused. She started to pick my dick
Nisha, my cousin who I was having sex with, said “the hell are u doing”
Nidhi, my other cousin said ” I want you guys to please me or else I will tell our parents”
She made me get up and then she made me take off her clothes. I was Astounded by her body. she laid down on the sofa and made Nisha come over
“Eat it”
Nisha said ” what?”
“Eat my pussy”
Nidhi clenched her boobs as Nisha went in. She started to lick it.

She pointed to me and said “fuck her, she will eat me better”
Pretty happy that my sexy cousins are eating each other, I stuck my dick in Nishas pussy. She immediately started moaning. She got more wild and basically dug her face in Nidhis pussy.
Nidhi let our a huge, sexy moan
“Pull out and watch”

I pulled out and she said to Nisha to put her ass on her face. They were gonna do 69. Nidhi ate, and I mean ate her. I was masterbating. After a few minutes. Nidhi got off and started scissoring Nisha. I came super fast that my cum got on their face. “Come here” Nidhi said. I walked over . “Lay down” which I did. She made Nisha sit on my face so I can eat her while Nidhi rode my dick. I quickly came inside her. Right after she got off and laid down on the couch.
“We got to do this more often. Especially u Nisha. Think I’m a lesbian now. “

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