Incredible sex with mother in law

Hi desi erotic stories readers, I enjoy reading stories but never had the strength of sharing my own experience till now. But before I tell you what happened I should introduce myself. My name is Junaid I am from Pakistan and living in Canada for last 4 and half years.

I got married in 2001 and moved to Canada the next year. My wife is 8 years younger then me and she is the eldest of her two other sisters. My wife mother my mother in law is technically 18 years elder then me which means I am 36 and she is 54.

Ok now to my once in a life time experience which totally changed my life. After moving to Canada we wanted our in-laws to visit us and finally in 2006 I managed to sponsor them and they came to live with us.

It was June 2006 when my mother in law and father in law came to visit us. We have a 2 storey house and our in laws have decided to stay in the basement. My mother in law who is still comparable to any young good looking woman she loves to take care of herself.

Her body is out of this world and I always tease my wife by saying that “your mom is looking hotter then you” she has nice round 34 B cup boobs with well trimmed body and beautiful round ass. Oh my father in law must be a lucky guy to have such a bomb shell as wife.

Anyways me and my mother in law have a very frank and friendly relationship. We chat and laugh for long time and sometimes she shares her innermost feelings to me but never we had gone sexual either in talks or activities.

One day my wife and father in law have gone to shop and me and my mother in law were along in the house. She was in the kitchen and I was helping her out. She was wearing a light colored shalwaar kamiz with no dupatta. We were talking and cracking jokes.

As she took aata (flour) in container and started to prepare it for roti. She was sitting on floor and making aata ready by pressing it with her hands, while she was doing it she was bending forward and her kameez (shirt) started to reveal her tits,

I was standing in front of her an staring them. I was about to burst as her boobs cleavage was in front of me, I stopped talking my dick got hard and as I was wearing shorts it started to show the whole length.

She noticed and looked in my eyes and then in funny ways asked me what is wrong with you. I could not reply and tried to move my eyes from her sight. She sensed it and gave me a smile then asked me “can I ask you something” “ya sure”

I replied “how is your relationship with my daughter” it was quite surprising for me that she was asking me about her daughter so I replied “very good” “then why are you staring at me if you are getting everything from her” I didn’t know what to say but then replied with hesitation

“I could not stop myself as you were in front of me…I am sorry “ she smiled and replied “no silly I don’t mind infect it has been a long time since someone gave me this kind of looks, what were you thinking” “AAA Aaa” I could not say a word she laughed and came close to me

“you know I am you mother in law you wife’s mother you dirty mind.” I kept quite, she came closer and closer until I could feel her body touching mine. “Junaid, do you wanaan touch them?” I could not breath in a state of shock I just said”YES”

She took my hand and placed it over her boob. I squeezed her boob with my fingers and grabbed her other boob without hesitation. Now I got the courage and green signal. So without wasting time I grabbed my mother in law and started kissing her passionately.

At the same time I was trying to take her clothes off as I was desperate to see her naked body. “Junaid lock the door first. I ran down and locked the door. She in the meantime removed her shalwaar and kameez and standing in front of me my mother in law in bra and penty.

I grabbed her tits and started squeezing them “AAAHHHHHHH hold on let me open my bra” then she unhooked her skin color laced bra which fell down on floor revealing her pair of 34 B tits with erect light brown nipple,

her boobs were very different then my wife’s boobs as her have big brown spot and small nipple whereas my mother in law had small brown ring with long erect nipple. I started sucking her nipple and circled my tongue against her whole breast.

She was dripping wet by that time and moaning in pleasure. AAAAAAAAHHh come on please suck me hard ooohhhh ya do it put your tongue in my pussy hurry hurry take my pussy please don’t stoppp. I ripped her panty off and here it was my wife’s mother’s pussy

it was the same pussy where my wife got delivered. Nicely shaved with swollen lips, she was wet it was like she peeied in her panty, her pussy was ready to be fucked. I sat in front of her and stuck my tongue inside her love hole.

The aroma of her pussy was so strong that I felt that I am in heaven, I could taste the saltish juice with sticky substance sticking on my nose and mouth. I was licking her violently and she was keep opening her vagina with her fingers so I could reach the depths of her pussyy.

OOOOOHHHHHH,,, AAAHHHH do it the way as you do it with my daughter…come on please fuck me. I could not hold for long. She laid back on floor with her back on floor and legs wide open. Her pussy was dripping wet and swollen with pleasure,

I took my dick and put it on top of her pussy with little push my dick was on his way towards my mother in laws pussy. She moaned in joy as my dick was sliding in and out of her pussy. I was grabbing pressing and sucking her boobs all the way.

She started pushing her ass towards my dick I could hear the sticky sound of fucking and kitchen was filled with her moans.AAAAHHHH OOOOHHHH ya baby fuck me hard,,, ooohhh. I then lifted her and asked her to bend down doggy position

she did that and I put my dick inside her from her back. Her tits were hanging like pendulum ohh aaahh I was about to come as she was so wet I could not control and ejaculated my cum on her pussy and asshole.

She was so so honey that she rubbed my load of cum with her hands over her ass and took some on her hands and rubbed over her boobs. I knew that she did not have an orgasm so I took my tongue out and started licking her cum filled pussy until she came with climax,

she started screaming oooooohhhh yyaaaa I am coming don’t stop licking ya lick my clit with tip of you tongue keep doing it oooooggoooddd ya aha aahaha aaaahhh ahhhh and finally she came with the blast. After few minutes we came back to our senses.

She then covered herself and started smiling we both laughed and could not believe on what had just happened. We promised to keep our secret a life long secret and avail any opportunity possible. I still see my mother in law as we get at least once in month chance to fuck

each other. I videotaped my wife’s and me doing sex and showed it to my mother in law which she enjoyed and compared herself with her daughter. I hope you liked my encounter with my mother in law.

I will wait for your comments and will share some of my other encounters including with my wife and with my secretary at my workplace in Pakistan or when my best friend and his wife got loose with us.

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