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All at once, as if the clouds had parted and a blind man got his sight back, I realized that I had all the pussy I could ever want right at home under my own roof!! It was as if I realized at that very second that I would take mom as my lover weather she liked it or not! I was master of this house and the mistress of the house had certain responsibility’s now didn’t she? And it was time for her to take care of those responsibility’s just like that beautiful old lady had done for her son so many years ago and had also done for me, even if she didn’t know she did it for me, she was still a good mommy in my book!

I opened the bathroom door and stepped in. Mom looked in the mirror and saw me.

Oh just one second dear, I’m almost done and it’s all yours, she said with a smile.

I walked up behind her and stopped about a foot from her backside.

I said, mother! In a Stern voice.
Who is the man of this house?

I saw her stop what she was doing and make eye contact with me through the mirror… She hesitated like she wasn’t sure what to say?

I said it again with still more force, Who is the man of this house!

She spoke up, you are son.

That’s right mother and the man of the house has needs and it is the duty of the woman of the house to care to them, CORRECT??

Umm,.. umm, yes dear. What’s wrong?
Have I done something to upset you??

I just looked at her and then I pulled my boxers down and let them fall to the floor and I kicked them away. Mom’s eyes shot down through the mirror and locked on to the sight of my rock hard dick pointed right at her. She froze, unable to squeak out any words, her eyes just glued to the twitching cock behind her.
I had been taken over by lust and raging hormones and I just simply said to her,.. are you going to pull your pantyhose down, or am I ?

She looked back into my eyes and I saw a look of fear and disbelief.
She looked as if she was going to say something but than she stopped herself and just looked down at the sink in front of her. Her shakey hands slowly came up to her waist and slowly started to pull her panties and hose down over her hips and beautiful big ass. She finally got them down to her knees and she stopped. She still had her head down and then she put her hands on the counter in front of her and bent over in submission. I was so excited I couldn’t wait to be inside her.
I stepped in close behind her and my cock jabbed right in between her big ass cheeks. She gasped!
I reached up and pulled her blouse off her and down off her arms. Then I unhooked her bra and let it fall forward down her arms. She started to stop the bra from coming off but then she just let it fall into the sink. I think she knew me well enough to know by my tone of voice and the look in my eye that I was completely serious and very sure that I was going to have my way. I spoke to her the way my father would do if he was making his point perfectly clear.
I ran my hand down her bare back down to her ass crack and with both hands I squeezed her plump butt. She jumped a little and softly wimpered.

Then I reached under between her legs and ran my fingers crossed her pussy lips. She was slightly damp, but not wet enough to push in her without hurting her. I didn’t want to hurt her, I loved my mother very very much, I just needed her to know that this was something I needed and there wasn’t going to be a debate about it. I took my cockhead and pushed it between her thighs and started to rub her cunt lips with my head. She was shaking and letting out little wimpers as I did. But she was also getting wetter, weather she wanted to or not. When my cockhead was good and wet I put a hand on the back of her shoulder and bent my knees enough to angle in her right and I pushed the head in her opening….. She gasped as if the wind had been completely sucked out of her. I felt like I was going home. I pushed a nother few inches in her a she tensed up with everything she had. I rubbed her back trying to loosen her up. I said, easy mom, just take it.
She finally spoke, is that all of it, I can’t take anymore teddy.

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