Disha and her son Vijay-2

Mother would never, she wouldn’t in a million years consent to that!
But grandmother went on. You have to understand how submissive your grandfather raised your mother to be. She was helpless without him. After he passed, iv been caring for her because she has no idea how to live in this world alone. She has never worked a day in her life and has no skills even if she tried at this point. When I pass she will look to you as her only life line, I have made sure of this. Now if you have no interest in her, set her up with a home and a monthly deposit in her bank account. But if you still desire her as you once did, than bring her home, when I am goen, and take control of her, and plant your seed in her fertile womb. She is still in her child bearing years, and is strong, and besides, it will give her great joy to have a baby to care for. She was so happy raising you, sweetheart. This child will bring you both so much love and joy.
That is my only wish for you.
Vijay could say nothing, he just sat and staired off into space, his mind in overload. He had always wanted to be inside his beautiful mother, to taste and consume her, but always had to live out his fantasies through his grandmother. Could this really happen? Was his mother so dependant, that she would submit to him when daadi was gone? Then it hit him once again, when daadi is goen.
He sadly looked down at the frail woman he loved so much, and leaned down to kiss her soft lips.
After they broke thier kiss, his grandmother said, now there’s a letter from me to your mother, that she will get from my lawyer, 5 days after my death. It will be sent to your home, addressed to her. If you have her living with you, she will get it, if not, you my simply throw it away. But if she gets it, in the letter, I will explain all we have discussed, and her options and new obligations. I promise you, I know my daughter, she will submit to you as submitted to your grandfather. She already loves you so. All she needs to know is how much you need her and that you will be taking care of her. All this is up to you, love?

As I sat there with her in silence for what seemed like quit awyle. She let her hand roam down to my leg and up my shorts, and took hold of my cock. She said, am I to old and ugly to make you hard one last time? Her eyes were sad and on the verge of tears. I looked at her and smiled and she got her answer as my cock started to stiffen with her touch. She smiled and said, bring you beautiful length up to momma’s mouth and let me taste my baby boy.
I stood up and pulled my shorts down and she rolled over and laid her head on a pillow on the ledge of the bed. I brought my half hard cock to her lips and she opened her mouth and took me in. She ran her tongue over the helmet and I slowly fucked her mouth as I stroked her hair. She reached out and messaged my balls as I gently made love to her 75 yr old face. I reached in her night shirt and caressed her large saggy breasts as I felt my cum beginning in journey to her wait stomach. When I was just about to cum, I said, I’m cumming for you Mommy, just for you.
And then I started to release in her. She coughed a little, but seemed to want to get it all in her.
I felt so loved as she milked me to emptiness. Then she rolled over and I kissed her and laid with her till she fell asleep.
Two days later, daadi passed.

The next week was a blur.
Thank God, daadi’s lawyer took care of the business side of things and she had her funeral planned out before she died, so that helped.
Mom was a reck. Vijay had never seen her so meek and child like. Even more so, when the lawyer told her what daadi had told him to tell her.
He told Mom that most of the money had been lost in the market and all that was really left was the house and in was in Vijay’s name now. She broke down in hastarical tears. She put her hands in her face and wept when Vijay told her, he’d have to sell the place right away. It was too much for him to maintain. She sobbed and said, what will become of me, Vijay?
He put my hand on her face and said, you’re coming home with me mom.
She looked him in the eye and smiled and wrapped him in a tight hug. Candy on the other hand, did not look so happy about it.

Over the next few days, Vijay had movers take care of his mother’s belongs and bring them to his house. Everything else was put in storage for now. For three days, Vijay and candy argued about his mother coming to live there, and that’s the way he wanted it. It would give him the perfect reason to get rid of her when the time was right.
The day before his mother was to move in, a letter came to his house, addressed to his mother, from his grandmother. This was THE letter. He put in in his safe and waited for the right time to give it to his mother.

The next day, Vijay brought his mother home.
Now Vijay’s mother’s name is Disha, she’s 43, with and hour Glass figure and long black hair. Her breasts are very large and saggy, but the kind of sag that makes a man want to breastfeed. She has wide child bearing hips and a slender waist and small little lady like feet and an ass to be used hard and often, if you were to ask Vijay.
As Vijay brought his mom into the house, he could tell she felt out of place and nervous. She had lived in daadi’s house her whole life, and she could pick up on the vibe that candy did not want her there.
Candy played nice, but it showed in suttel ways and after greeting mom, candy disappear into the computer room, for most of that night, which was just fine with Vijay.

He carried his mom’s bags to her new room where he had had all her furniture already set up, with a new flat screen. He set her bags down and pulled her in close to him in a long hug. He could fell her tremble with fear of change and the unknown.
He told her to make herself at home and he would get her dinner for her on her first evening and bring it to her. With that he went and wipped something up and retrieved the letter from his safe and put it in his back pocket. As he carried the tray to his mother, he thought, if Gram’s plan works, he would be planting a baby in the same womb, he himself was created. He started to get hard. As he entered her room he smiled and set the tray down on the table. His mother had showered and her her was wet. She looked so sexy.
As she hugged and thanked him, he reached for the letter and said, oh yeah mom, this came for you in the mail today, see, it’s already like your home. With that, he said if you need anything, just let me know, and left her staring at the brown envelope, in confusion.

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