Ajeet fucked his mom Vibha-5

“So let me see if I understand what you’re proposing here. You want me to pretend that I’m your boyfriend and go with you so you can fuck her husband?”

“That’s pretty much what I had in mind. You’d get to be with her while I’m with her husband. I thought you’d like that.”

“Would you be watching us? Would we all be in the same room?”

“I suppose so. We might see each other, but you and I won’t be having sex.”

“OK, I’ll go with you. When were you planning on doing this?”

“I’ll have to arrange that with her, are you free this weekend?”

“If it means I get to fuck your friend’s big beautiful pussy, I’ll cancel my plans.”

“I’ll let you know what she says tomorrow.”

The next evening, Ajeet got home late from his date. “You’re up late, mom. What’s the occasion?” he kissed her on the cheek as he sat next to her in front of the computer.

“I’ve been chatting with Sexylips on the forum.”

“Is that your swinger friend?” he unzipped his pants and pulled his soft cock out.

“Yes, her real name’s Sudha, and her husband is Amar. They want to meet us on Saturday. Are you up for it?” she looked over at him and saw him stroking his cock slowly.

“I was supposed to go out with Tiny Lips Tina, but I’d rather go meet your friend. Let me see her picture again.” his cock was fully hard now.

Vibha clicked on her friend’s photo album and enlarged the first photo. “Like what you see?” she pushed the box of tissues over to him.

He pulled out two tissues. “Oh yeah, that’s a stunning cunt.” he was stroking faster now.

“Don’t be vulgar.” she said as she watched her son jerking off right next to her. “You know I don’t like the C-word.”

“I mean it in the nicest possible way.” he kept jerking, faster. “I like it when you watch me, mom.”

“I like watching you, I want to see your cum shoot out. Here, let me hold that for you.” she took the tissues from his left hand and held them in her hands. Her hands were in front of his cock, palms up with the tissues in the center.

“Oh fuck. I want you to catch it in your hands. Oh God!” he quickly stood up and pulled the tissues away with his left hand just as he began spurting.

“Oh!” she exclaimed as the first glob of hot cum landed on the bare skin of her palm. She kept her hands there, watching him spurt into the growing pool of semen in her cupped palms.

“Oh fuck, that’s so hot.” he kept stroking, looking at her hands, now covered in his cum.

She could smell the strong cummy aroma wafting up from her palms, and it took every ounce of self control she had not to bury her face in her palms and slurp up his cum. Her pussy was dripping now, so she poured most of the cum out of her right hand into her left hand, then reached down to her snatch with her right hand. She rubbed her lips with her slick, cum covered fingers, while holding his cum in her left hand. His cum was dripping through her fingers and running down her left arm as she made herself cum with her other hand. “Mmmmm” she murmered quietly.

“Wow, mom. That looks so hot. You just touched yourself with my cum.” his eyes were fixed on her pussy.

“You liked that?” she couldn’t stop herself. She held her cum-filled left hand above her pussy and turned her wrist, pouring his hot, slimy jizz directly on her clit. “Oh god.” she whispered as she massaged her son’s cum all around her swollen clit and labia. “Oh my God.” she began having a series of orgasms, she was so wet with her own cum and his, her fingers made a squishy sound as she rubbed.

He just stood there, watching his mom masturbate with his cum.

“Mmmmm” she kept rubbing and cumming, her eyes closed and her head rolled back. “Ohhhh.” she whimpered as her legs started skaking. Soon she reached the crest of her wave of orgasms and closed her legs tight on her hand, holding them together as she shuddered, moaning quietly.

“That’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.” he sat back down, still tugging on his soft cock.

“I don’t know what came over me there. I’m sorry you had to see that.” as her body began to calm down, the guilt over what she had just done took over in her mind.

“You don’t have to apologize, mom. I loved it.”

“I know you did, but I’m your mother, not one of your girlfriends. I’ve gone way farther than I ever should have. Please don’t think I’m some kind of wanton slut who can’t control herself.”

“I don’t think that, mom. I love you and just want to see you happy. I can only imagine what you’re going through right now, being single for so long and all. If I didn’t get some every week, I’d lose my mind. I can’t imagine going for years without it, like you have.”

“Well, women aren’t supposed to crave sex like that. It’s not proper.”

“Come on, mom. You’re at the age when women hit their sexual peak. You know, the last hurrah before menopause.”

“I’m not that old, for pete’s sake. But you’re right, I’ve been feeling much more aroused over the last year. I really hope things go well with Sudha and Amar this weekend.”

“I promise you, If you like the guy, I’ll take care of his wife, no matter how much of a troll she is. I can tell that you need to get laid, and soon.”

“I’m sure she’s not a troll, but it’s very chivalrous of you to offer to take one for the team like that.”

“It’s the least I can do for you, mom. I feel bad, like it’s my fault that you’re single. If you weren’t taking care of me all these years, I’m sure you would have found a man to be with.”

“Don’t feel bad, up until recently it didn’t bother me, I was perfectly happy spending all my time taking care of you, but now that you’re all grown up…”

“I know, mom. Tell your friend that I can’t wait to meet her, and don’t feel guilty about what we just did. I loved watching you do that, and it looked like you enjoyed it, too.”

“Thanks, Ajeet. I love you.”

“I love you too, mom.”

Saturday afternoon, Vibha and Ajeet drove an hour down the interstate to the rendezvous point. They had agreed to meet in the cafe of a truck stop, and if they hit it off, there were several motels in the area to choose from. During the drive, Vibha took a red scarf out of her purse and tied it around her neck.

“What’s that for?” Ajeet asked.

“This is our signal, Sudha will be wearing one too. We’ve never seen each other’s faces, so we came up with the red scarf as our secret sign.”

“Looks good on you. Very sexy.” he said as he pulled onto the off-ramp. “Which one is it again?” there were three different truck stops just off the interstate.

“Turn left. It’s the one over there, with the green sign.” she was filled with nervous excitement, knowing that she was just hours, or even minutes away from getting laid for the first time in years. “Remember to call me ‘Vibha’, not mom. I don’t think they’d want to go through with this if they found out the truth.”

“Don’t be so sure, Vibha. There’s lots of people on the internet who are into incest. For all you know, Amar and Sudha could be brother and sister.”

“Let’s not make this any weirder than it already is, OK?”

“OK, mo… Vibha.”

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