A soft kiss with Pratibha

Dear friends, I am the Great Great Great Grandson of the man who started the family business. The business is one the biggest businesses in the world, that isn’t listed on any stock exchange anywhere. All the top jobs are held by family members, I started at the business last year after finishing university. I’m Kunal 27 and I was made manager of the family property portfolio. Sounds massive doesn’t it, but it not. It’s all the properties own by the business that don’t make money and won’t be sold by the business . Example the business owns a ghost town and won’t sell it because the church graveyard has family buried there. All the old house my great great great grandfather build when he first became rich.

It kept as it was and maintain to a liveable level. No electric lights or indoor plumbing. But it is liveable, I wanted to see why all the properties were on the list, so I started to check out there histories. After I finished there was one that seems to have no family connection at all. An english manor house on 45 acres of prime land. I couldn’t find anything that explained it present on the family property portfolio. So I asked my father Alexander and he didn’t know and told to put it forward to the next family meeting. So I did, the family meeting is like annual shoeholders meeting except everyone is related.

The 3 day came and on the third day in the afternoon the manor came up to be discussed. No one knew anything about it and was costing over 200 thousand english pounds to maintain a year. A decision was made that I and another be sent to investigate the manor and report back at the next family meeting. It is not easy to get things off the family portfolio, but very easy to get something on it. Two weeks later I was called to my Grandfathers office and told that my third cousin Pratibha would go with me to Kolkata to investigate the Manor’s history. Pratibha 29 single nice body looked like a librarian. She looked after the family history library, I had sent her Emails looking for information on the manor and was told there wasn’t any.

So we left for Kolkata 3 weeks later and on arrival went straight to the Manor to start our investigation. On arriving the caretaker told us that it was built in 1678 or there abouts. It was very well maintain and power and plumbing was up to date in servicability but dated from the 1930’s. We each took a room and stayed our first night in the manor. it was a bit scary with all the noise the old place made. The next morning we start in the manor’s library looking documents or something to explain its status in the family. Nothing was found and so we head for the local council to check they had anything. Only thing we found that it came into our family in 1843. We a had name, so back to the manor and on the family history computer via the internet. We traced Lalit the one who had purchased the manor in 1843.

He was a bit of a blacksheep and had gone to Kolkata to study history and paint. The family has all his known works mostly of naked women and a couple of landscapes. Further research said that several women had died in his house (manor ?) in Kolkata and he also died without children in some unknown way. The death certificate said “Died OF Fright”. I than found out asking local that the manor was haunted. Done of the locals including the caretaker stayed in the manor at night. On more reseach of the manor before the family own it.

We found it was cursed by an old witch or something similar. Pratibha was ready to leave and said had a family connection and a relative had died here and so the family wouldn’t want to sell it. I said We should stay and investigate the curse more. She wasn’t that keen, but agreed that it was needed to be done for a report the Family meeting. So we stayed, the next 3 nights nothing happened and we found out in our research ” That only Lovers can sleep peacefully in the manor and that the bad are tornmented”. It goes on a bit and that a lot shorter version for the story.

The fourth nights there were weird noises and it kept me awake most of the night. The next night I heard footsteps in the corridor outside my room and on looking seen nothing. The next Pratibha had heard similar things and wanted to go, but thought it was the locals playing tricks on us. I said They won’t scare away that easy. So we stayed another night and again the noises returned and I now had a flashlight and went to investigate. I didn’t see anything in the corridor, but there was the sound of footsteps coming towards me.

Then there was a scream from the far end the corridor and it sounded like Pratibha. I raced down to her room and found sitting up in bed with the blankets pull over her head. I calmed her down and she said that she had seen a shape in the room and it went thru the closed door. I said You must have dreamt it. I said Go back to sleep it’s alright nothing is here. She wanted me to stay with her and so I got into bed with her. After a talking a bit more I said We better get some sleep. I had just closed my eyes when there was a noise in the room with us. I couldn’t see anything but Pratibha was scared. I said Don’t worry we’ll be right in the morning you’ll see. She said The says only Lovers can sleep peacefully in this place.

So I answered What do you want me to make love to you or something. Yes, If it will make the noises stop. Yes fuck me She said. So I kissed her and she kissed me back and soon we were getting on with it and the noises stopped or our imaginations ceased. I fucked her and it turned out that I was her first man, she had been with women before and been fucked by a dildo. But not a real cock and after we slept in each other arms, we stay another night sleeping together before going home. We still sleep together now, she pregnant from our first fuck and so we are getting married soon. The family is happy and the Manor stays in the Family.

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